Miruna Talpas
Edition 2020—Selected Projects

Miruna Talpas is a multi-disciplinary designer based in Atlanta, Georgia with a love for typography, collaging, and branding. She is a graduate from SCAD Atlanta and is currently working at Matchstic.

Miruna draws her inspiration from the simple things she finds beautiful throughout her normal day. She thrives most when she is designing in a state of play and when she gets to uncover a story through a visual process.

Originally from Romania, she feels most alive when she gets to travel through Europe and feel connected to her roots. But dang, does she love Atlanta. When she's not designing you can find her eating a brisket taco at Taqueria del Sol or drinking a Paloma at Victory Sandwich Bar. If you are around her enough, she may sneak attack a film photo of you. Listen to her current playlist to get a sense of her vibe.